Within the business world Rashid Al Habtoor is well known and a much admired businessman. He is the CEO and President of Al Habtoor Trading Enterprises L.L.C., established in the early 1980's.

Rashid Khalaf Al Habtoor is one of the United Arab Emirates' leading business pioneers - a well-recognised and esteemed businessman who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Operations Research and Computer Science from George Washington University.

In the early 1980s Al Habtoor started his own business, Al Habtoor Trading Enterprises LLC, to contribute to, and be part of, the developing economy of the UAE.

As CEO and President of AHTE, Al Habtoor's experience extends across a diverse business portfolio that includes construction and engineering, automotive, food and beverage, real estate, and over one hundred partnership and joint ventures with other companies both locally and internationally.

Notable items throughout his career include the formation of Consolidated Automotive LLC (1996) - a successful arm of AHTE that deals in the international sale of the Mitsubishi car brand; and Al Habtoor Properties (2008) - a leading property company of Al Habtoor's that specialises in property management and brokerage.

Al Habtoor is also the visionary behind new gourmet food retail store, The Farmer's Garden. Set up in 2014, Al Habtoor's personal passion for green and healthy living encouraged him to leverage his wealth of experience to create an accessible healthy and organic food store concept for the UAE market.

Also an advocate for supporting the local community, he nurtures local and international charity organisations, with previous involvement in the Flying Hospital to Dubai, as well as maintaining an active key role as key member of the Dubai Polo Club.

Since forming a Polo Team in Dubai along with his brother, Al Habtoor has since participated in many International Tournaments in the UK, France, Germany, and Spain. More recently, he formed the Mahra Polo Team and won the Dubai Polo Gold Cup 2010, the only Polo Tournament in the region being recognised by the Hurlingham Polo Association.

Living his life to the fullest, he enjoys polo, skiing and spending time with his family.





He has a zest for life, particularly when it comes to his family, his friends and his passion for sport, his favorite being polo.


Rashid Al-Habtoor